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Preliminary Task

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Preliminary Task

Our media teacher is making us work on the OCR A/S preliminary task in order to familiarize us with the steps to be taken before starting our project so that we can learn how to work in an organized manner. Today we learnt about the concept of treatment and storyboarding. The term ‘treatment’ is new for me and my teacher explained it so well that it caught my interest. I was familiar with the term storyboarding but have never experienced it before. I believe that these tools will be very helpful to me in my final project and will save a lot of time and hassle. Treatments and storyboards have made me aware of how professionals work and i will also be learning how to work in such a way. When my teacher was explaining these terms it sounded really interesting and i am looking forward to organizing my work in a professional manner.

7th October 2010

In school today we worked on our first preliminary task. We  constructed the story boards and we also did some shooting in school so that we would become comfortable with and in order to practice working with  the camera angles and to get used to the camera and the tripod which we are using for the first time.We used the tripod to ensure smooth camera movement and to produce more professional quality. As we were doing this for the first time so we did find it somewhat difficult and we did make mistakes but we were able to learn from our mistakes, so making mistakes actually taught us how to use the camera and experience different camera angles. The class was fun,we learnt a lot and it will surely be of great help for the final production. This is the storyboard i made for the first time.

11th October

Today we were taught some basic editing using the software Adobe Premiere which is completely new to us.We were taught how to import the footage into the software, the use the razor tool to cut the parts not required in the final video.We also learnt how to use different effects like ‘dip to white’, ‘dip to black’, ‘additive dissolve’ and other basic transitions. At first I thought it would be difficult and also maybe sort of boring and that it would be very time consuming but when I practiced using the software i came to feel that the time consumed was worth it. I found the process/class/lesson/software really interesting and enjoyed editing the video. This is very helpful to me for my final music video and as ‘practice makes perfect’ I will have to practice working with this software so that I do not meet too much difficulty when i start working on my final project.