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Shoot Day 2

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Planning

My second day of shooting was on the 20th of January. I started to shoot at 2pm and ended up at 9pm. This day I did the studio shoot. I shot in the studio of Pyramid Productions. It was a great experience to shoot in a studio. I saw all the sound equipments and sound mixers. This day also I shot from various angles. I clicked some pictures as well. Here they are


Shoot Day 1

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Planning

My first shoot was on the 19th January. On this day I did all my indoor shooting. I started shooting at 2pm and ended at 9:30pm. During all this time I shot all what I wanted for my video. I also gave breaks to my models as it was necessary for them to relax as well. I took some high angle shots, panning shots, close ups, mid close shots. It was a good experience and I learnt a lot. At first my hand was not set on the camera but slowly and gradually I got hold the of it. The first day of shooting was hectic as well as fun and a learning experience. Here are some of the pictures I took


Posted: January 23, 2011 in Planning

Before starting to shoot I finalized the locations at which I would shoot. I clicked some pictures of the locations

Here are the pictures of the outdoor location

Planning for the video (again)

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Planning

As my first concept was not liked much and was a little tough to shoot so I planned to change the concept. I planned this concept keeping in mind what my target audience wants to see in the video (brotherhood, unity).


In the video i will  be showing two young boys age 18 sitting in a lounge watching Jinnah the movie. Seeing the movie, the shot of Jinnah’s speech a feel of enthusiasm will develop in them and they will want to change their country. I will be showing the two boys playing the guitar and singing in the studio. My video will include some outdoor shots swell as some studio shots.  Here is the treatment of the concept:



This concept was liked by everyone I asked. Listening to the concept everyone is looking forward to see the video. This concept is not that tough to shot as the previous one was and is an interesting. This concept will also create the impact i want on the audience easily.


Posted: January 23, 2011 in Planning

Lighting is one of the main thing to keep in mind when shooting because if the lighting is  not good the video produced also will not be attractive and the impact trying to  be created by the director also won’t be created.

To save us from the lighting troubles our teacher at school taught us some lighting techniques which are used by professionals when shooting. Here are the experiments we did with filters and light

This was something new and exciting for me. I learnt a lot and this will be of great help to me for my production of the music video.

Planning For The Final Project

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Planning

I am making  a video of a patriotic song.In the music video I will be showing unity, brotherhood and peace, this is due to the response of the target audience. This is what they want to see in the video.

For my planning I first decided the concept of my video. I want to make such a video which includes a message in it and that message reaches everyone’s heart. Before starting the shooting I need to decide the locations where I will be shooting, costumes, the mise en scene and the main the characters I require in my video. I believe the characters should be attractive and should know how to act as this is really important for making a nice video. If the characters are not appealing then the video turn out to be bad. Before starting to shoot I require to make a treatment or a story board as well as the shooting schedule which will be of great help and the shooting will be done in a very organized manner. I will also need to make some congenial plans which will be of use in times of  some problem. I need to set the time within which i should complete my shooting and will have to take many takes of every scene.


I planned to show two young  boys of the age 18-19 walking out of their college and are talking about how to change their country. On the way home they stop the beggars from begging and gave some snacks to eat and balls to play with. They then moved further and stopped some kids from fighting and then this whole group (the two boys, beggars, and the boys fighting) walk around the streets and spread the message of peace around greenery by putting banners and posters up on the walls. In the end they would enter a ground where they would raise the Pakistan flag and salute it.


This concept was liked by a few. The response I got was that this idea is very typical, It is found in every patriotic song’s video. On getting this response I have planned to change my concept again