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Deciding on a brief

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Deciding on a brief

From all the briefs the two which I have short listed are

1. A trailer of a movie

2. A music video

To make up my mind and get started with any one of them for my final project I will be researching on both possibilities however, a music video is the more attractive option for me right now. Music is mostly heard and watched by everyone especially the young people. I will plan to use qualitative research as it will be of more useful in providing in-depth information about audience preferences and will give my best in making a video fulfilling all OCR requirements.

As I have decided to make a music video for my main media product , I need a song which is not copyrighted for example i could maybe look  for a song which the copyright has expired or i could see if there are any undiscovered local artists who would allow me to use their music for my project. I went to the radio station  FM91 to see if i could get any information about local underground band, I got a few songs but they did not appeal to me much. As I believe that if I am making a music video the music must be  really good one. I also met Talal Qureshi who is the best mixer in the Pakistani music industry. I met him through my father who is the director of Interflow group of Companies and the radio station FM91 is owned by Interflow group of Companies. I met Talal Qureshi at the radio station FM91 and he agreed to help me in the search for a song as he knows a lot of singers  and many of his friends are in the field of music. Here is an example of his work.

Saiyaan Saiyaan By Talal Qureshi