Evaluation Question Three

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Evaluation

Q.What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

The feedback I received from my rough cut was surprising and shocking. I showed the video telling everyone as it was my final video. My work was appreciated by almost everyone who saw the video but on the other hand I also received some criticism. The thing which was not really liked by a few of my target audience was the close up shots in the fighting shot in the video.

In my video I have a few black and white shots also so while showing the video to my target audience I was a little doubtful about these black and white shots, I was expecting very heartbroken opinions about this effect I used but to my surprise it was liked by everyone. I had created this effect to show the feel of imagination of the two singers and I was glad to know that I successfully conveyed this to my target audience and they enjoyed it.

Hearing to positive views of my target audience I was really happy that my target audience liked my music video and I had actually satisfied the expectations of the teenagers. Seeing the response I was glad to know that I had successfully conveyed the message across the whole of young generation very creatively through the video. I was also glad that a few of my target audience pointed out some flaws in the video which if worked upon will result in a video my target audience want to see.

After shooting and editing my video I also the showing of my video to get a feedback from my target audience. In this I showed them the video and then gave them a questionnaire to fill. The main objective of this was to get to know my mistakes and whether I have fulfilled my target audiences’ expectations and I am glad that this objective was successfully achieved. Through this video I have motivated every teenager to work for the betterment of their country and to always be united.

After seeing the response of everyone I believed that whether everyone liked my video, there was still room for improvements on this video. Even though I was happy that this was my final cut I thought that to achieve a higher grade I should listen to the positive criticism and fix the footage.


As I have made a music video I also had to make a digipak and an advertisement in a music magazine for its release.

I made a digipak and an advertisement and found it necessary to ask what my target audience thought about it and seeing the cover would they buy the CD. This is what my digipak and the add looked like:




Magazine Advertisement:

This cover and add did not appeal to my target audience. They found it very unattractive.

The digi-pak did not catch their attention much as seeing the digi-pak they said they would not buy the CD. They found this very dull and dark, and they said they wanted to see something bright and attractive. They also pointed out that they want to see the band on the cover. Keeping in mind these positive criticisms I thought of something new and different and ended up making this as my final ancillary task. This was liked by everyone as compared to the first attempt.





Magazine Advertisement:


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