Evaluation Question One

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Evaluation

Q. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In this answer I will be discussing what things I have kept in mind while shooting and editing the video. I will also compare my video with two other patriotic Pakistani music videos.

I have discussed the music, lyrics, camera angles and editing techniques below:

Music: When watching the video it is obvious that I edited according to the beats and the tempo of the song. As the tempo is not very fast so the editing and the changing of shots is done accordingly.

Lyrics: ‘Sara Pakistan hamara apna Pakistan’ These words in the song make it obvious that it is a patriotic song and love for Pakistan and unity and brotherhood will be shown in it.

Camera angles: I have used various camera angles as I did not want the audience to get bored by seeing the same shots. Using various angles gave a variety of shots for the audience also and did not make the video boring and restricted to a few shots.

Editing: As the music is not fast and it’s soft music so the editing is also according to the beats and the music.

Firstly I will compare my music video with Dil Se by Haroon (Pakistani singer).

In the video of the song Dil Se there is a storyline including shots  of the singer singing in an open area, we can see the sky. The shots of the singer are mostly low angle and panning shots. In this video also there are a variety of shots. In the video a lot of effects has been used like the black and white effect and the sepia effect, they have used the black and white for the imaginary shots.

Comparing my video with my video I can find that there is a lot of similarities, for example: the camera angles and the black and white effect. In my video also the imaginary shots are in black and white.

I have also included the shots of the band and have used a variety of shots.

The main similarity is that there is a storyline in my video as well.

Secondly I will compare my video with the song “Hum say hai yeh zamana” by “Call the band”.

Comparing my video with this video again I find similarities. The concept of my video is almost the same like of this video. I have also included some studio shots just like in this video. In my video and also in this video the youth has been shown doing something motivational. The concept of both the videos is to motivate the youth and to make them feel proud of their country and for them to work for their country. The only difference I find is that there is no storyline in the video and shots other than the bands’ shot are not in black and white and there are no effects used.


This front cover for my digi-pak was created using Photoshop. I did a separate photo shoot for a picture of the band to put on the cover. I did the required lighting and tried different shots like high angle and low angle, close ups etc. I used Photoshop to adjust the picture with the background and to write the band’s name and the album name as per on all the album covers.

For my magazine advertisement I used the same digi-pak cover and adjusted all the information required on an add for the release of an album,  using Photoshop.

I think, In my opinion my final products covers all the particular conventions required to make a music video, a digi-pak and a magazine advertisement for the release of an album.


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