Planning for the video (again)

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Planning

As my first concept was not liked much and was a little tough to shoot so I planned to change the concept. I planned this concept keeping in mind what my target audience wants to see in the video (brotherhood, unity).


In the video i will  be showing two young boys age 18 sitting in a lounge watching Jinnah the movie. Seeing the movie, the shot of Jinnah’s speech a feel of enthusiasm will develop in them and they will want to change their country. I will be showing the two boys playing the guitar and singing in the studio. My video will include some outdoor shots swell as some studio shots.  Here is the treatment of the concept:



This concept was liked by everyone I asked. Listening to the concept everyone is looking forward to see the video. This concept is not that tough to shot as the previous one was and is an interesting. This concept will also create the impact i want on the audience easily.


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